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Looking for a job? You need Resume Scanner


When a new job is posted online, 250 people send in their resume. 20 of them are read by a human being, the rest are rejected by software.  If you’re not using resume scanner software. There’s a very good chance your resume will never be seen.

ResumeScanner is resume scanner software. It helps you match your resume to the job description. Simply paste the job description on one side and paste your resume on the other side.

You’ll also see how the keywords are used: Keywords in Context.

With keywords in context, you’ll see each keyword in the job description plus the text before and after the keyword. Don’t just add the keyword to your resume, add the phrase used in the job description that includes the keyword. Matching longer phrases greatly strengthens your match and improves your ranking in employers’ applicant tracking systems. This gives you a better chance for an interview.

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